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Service Details In addition to our more traditional recruiting methods, All-4-U, Inc. has a unique service offering for our clients.  At All-4-U we have established a “work release” program which provides individuals near the end of their incarceration period a chance to learn skills in actual workplaces. 

Every weekday morning one of two fifteen passenger vans picks up prisoners from correctional facilities, takes them to their job site, and then picks them up at the end of the work day to return them to their facility. 
All-4-U is completely responsible for the individual while they are out of the correctional facility and in your workplace. 

Over the past five years this program has allowed hundreds of inmates work in the community, helping to support their families, pay off fines, build confidence, and develop skills that they will be able to use after they are released back into the community.  The clients who employ these men are very happy with the program and when they need more workers they will often request the work release men.

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